Tôi là Duyệt

Data Engineer @ Fossil

I’m studying Master of Computer Science at UIT, I’ve been a Data Engineer @ John Von Neumann Institute (2016-2018). Currently, Data Engineer @ Fossil.

I am a Data Engineer with 3+ years of experience. Currently, helping Fossil Inc with a Terrabyte-scale Data Platform on Kubernetes and AWS.

Working on Data Engineering (Data Pipeline, DWH, Data Processing and Big Data based on AWS and GCP), Data Visualization (Redash, Data Studio), Machine Learning especially NLP (Sentiment Analysis, Text Classification, Word Embedding, …).


Skills & stacks: Python, Javascript (Nodejs), NLP, Apache Spark, Airflow, AWS, GCP.

[CV.pdf] [github]

You can see more of my projects at Github.

Contact Me

me (at) duyet (dot) net.